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Cover description: The silhouettes of two men holding hands in front a valley bathed in a beautiful sunset

The hand I can't hold

Can you move on from painful events if you can't even mention them? Can you be socially awkward and still make friends? Can you come back from counting someone's freckles? Can you be a shameful little secret and still be happy?

Cover description: The silhouettes of two men holding hands in front of a modern city bathing in a light mist, lit by a full moon

Life is a series of first times that I can't wait to share with you

Ben and Paul's love story from the moment they met to the end of their relationship told through all the first times they share together.

Cover description: The silhouettes of two young men's head opposite of each other. One facing up and left, the other one facing down and right. The one on top 
                                has a blue hue and shows the silhouette of a young man, in a school yard, looking at his phone. The head at the bottom has a green hue and shows the silhouette of a male archer in a forest

A hypothetical story

Sixteen months ago, seven teenagers disappeared from their school. A week ago, three of them came back. They are refusing to talk and when they do, it is a ridiculous tale of world crossing, fantasy, epic wars, cold castles, and quiet mountains.

Cover description: The cover shows an alphabet with some rough annotations, some letters are crossed, others are circled

From A to S

Adam wasn't out.

Ben was someone else's.

Clark was toxic.

Damian was perfect. But Damian didn't stay.

But Andrew will find love. Even if it takes him the entire alphabet.

Cover description: Multiple doors in a fancy corridor, one of them is highlighted in yellow

What if

What if Liam and Caleb were to fall in love no matter what?

A series of short stories about two boys falling in love over and over again despite different settings, circumstances, and obstacles.

Cover description: Multiple doors in a fancy corridor, one of them is highlighted in yellow

Loving Takeover

To get himself out of a potential scandal and save his family's company, Mark enters a fake marriage with Nicholas Belong.

It is highly unpleasant but the whole thing will last one year, and then they will be able to go back to their lives. Right?

The stories have a perfect balance, alternating between funny, serious, cheesy, sad, dramatic, loving, the list is endless.

- AZgirl92

The empathy in character development, the pace of story telling and the crisp writing style has me hooked to ShinMeiko’s universe.

- 🌈Ter


I grew up with a book in one hand, and a pen in the other. Then life happened and I let go of the pen rather than the book. A few years ago, I found the pen again and I am never letting it go again!

Whenever life gets just a little too boring, I pick it up and I dive into other people's heads to explore human relationships (mostly love stories, mostly BL or LGBT, but not solely), and the range of light or deep feelings that come with them.

Do read and meet my boys (and girls) to share their happy and sweet times, victories, growth, as well as their doubts, hardships, losses... Discover how their stories intertwine and how there is always another layer to discover.

Join us so we can laugh, cry, get angry, hope, be happy, get comfort, and every single feeling in between!

There is a deep sense of humanity in the stories that are written, and it is sometimes difficult not to identify yourself to some of the characters, to fall in love with them, to live with them even once the page is closed.

- Igor

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ShinMeiko is an exceptional writer. She's a master at pacing, never falls victim to classic tropes, always keeps her readers on their toes.

- Kendra189